Saturday, February 12, 2011

71st Item: Capitol VIP Tour & Lunch for 2

Item: Capitol VIP Tour & Lunch for 2
From: Annette Lantos of
Description: Treat yourself and a guest to a private VIP tour of the Capitol Building and lunch in the Members' Dining Room. Annette's tours have been enjoyed by dignitaries and celebrities from around the world - They are legendary! Bring a date, family member, or friend for a rare and memorable DC experience. Valid for 2 people at a date and time to be arranged with Annette.
Location: Washington, DC
Suggested Retail Value: $100
Starting Bid: $33


  1. $40.00

    Tanyia :)

  2. $75.00 - if I can use it on a future trip to D.C.

    Leigh Dethman

  3. Yes, Leigh, you can use it on a future trip to DC. There is no expiration date on the tour. Just keep in mind that the winner and donor will arrange the date and the longer it takes you to schedule the tour, the more unpredictable the donor's schedule will be.

  4. $90 - if I can do it on a Saturday (Friday at earliest)

  5. sorry - forgot my email: andrealinear-mail at yahoo.

  6. Andrea, I know you could do it on a Friday; pretty sure you could do it on a Saturday too.

  7. 100.00


  8. $125 Ashli Douglas


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