About Jenny

We love Jenny.

Relief Society president, marathoner, Italian speaker, historian, quilter, bibliophile... she does it all! Most impressive, however, is her ability to love and serve others consistently and completely, no matter how full her plate is.

Jenny was diagnosed with leukemia in November, so her current full-time job is beating cancer. With two months of chemo under her belt and two more years of it ahead, it's proving to be an expensive ordeal. We are excited to use this auction to help her make a dent in her medical bills and housing expenses. Plus, it's bound to be fun for all those participating!

Jenny has been overwhelmed with the love and support extended to her by her friends and family and is very, very grateful. She's asked us to reiterate that no one should feel obliged to participate in this auction.

Thanks for stopping by. We hope you enjoy your time here. You can also check out Jenny's personal blog at http://jennyreeder.blogspot.com/.

-The WLJ Team