Monday, January 17, 2011

20th Item: A Month of Desserts by Noelle

Item: A Month of Desserts and Sweets
From: Noelle S.
Description: Enjoy Noelle's famous baking once a week for four weeks! And you can enjoy it guilt-free since you'll simultaneously be helping out Jenny. Over the four weeks you will enjoy these mouth-watering desserts:
  • 12 giant cinnamon rolls
  • 9" round double layer decadent chocolate cake with creamy ganache frosting (or 24 cupcakes)
  • 12 jumbo blue ribbon chocolate chip cookies (seriously, her mom wins contests with this recipe all the time!)
  • and 10" round lemon curd tart.
Exact dates TBD by Noelle and the winner.
Location Restrictions: Delivery must be in the Arlington, Alexandria, Falls Church, or Annandale areas. Folks from DC, Fairfax, Maryland, or further out must be willing to come and pick up the baked goods from Noelle. 
Suggested Retail Value: $90+ 
Starting Bid: $30


  1. $50.00 julie

  2. $65, Sheila Brennan sbrennan at gmu dot edu

  3. $100 - Sheldon and Corine Bradshaw at

  4. catherine and scott ladd


Bidding begins February 14th at 9am EST and ends February 15th at 10pm EST.
Please leave your bid as a comment. Be sure to include your name, email address, and bid amount (in even dollar increments, please) or your bid will be invalid.
Sometimes it may take a minute for your comment to appear. If 2 bidders offer the same amount, the first comment to appear gets it. So bid high! :)

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