Thursday, January 20, 2011

22nd Item: Jenny's Hand-Knit Hat by LuAnn

Item: Jenny's Hand-Knit Hat
From: LuAnn
Description: Jenny can be seen sporting a variety of darling hats these days, and this is one of her finest! Hand-knit by the talented LuAnn, the hat comes with an optional crochet flower on it if you'd like (please specify flower or no flower in your bid).
Location Restrictions: Ships to anywhere in the USA
Suggested Retail Value: $35
Starting Bid: $12


  1. Jill Derr

  2. Susan Shelden

  3. Marianne Hall Smith
    $38.00 flower

  4. catherine ladd
    $60.00 white with no flower

  5. Jill Derr
    $70 no flower


Bidding begins February 14th at 9am EST and ends February 15th at 10pm EST.
Please leave your bid as a comment. Be sure to include your name, email address, and bid amount (in even dollar increments, please) or your bid will be invalid.
Sometimes it may take a minute for your comment to appear. If 2 bidders offer the same amount, the first comment to appear gets it. So bid high! :)

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